Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Balik kampung ooo balik kampung...

Alkisahnya, last weekend was a great 'confusion' for me either to go back to my hometown in Ipoh or not. It's my grandparents' house from my dad's side. I don't mind going back to my hometown alone without my parents since I can drive on my own. The thing is, there's a lot of kenduri that my grandparents have to attend. So, surely I'll meet them at the kenduri instead because we got the same invitation as well. Hence, I ended up cancelling my plan and postpone it to this week. InsyaAllah. I've been planning and cancelling the plan for many many times alreadyyy due to certain circumstances. Haiihhh... 😌🍃

On that particular day (last Sunday) at the kenduri, yes, I met my dad's family and my Opah asked me the same question so many times, "Tak ikut balik rumah Opah ke?" and I insisted not to, thinking of leaving another Opah from mom's side at home during weekdays (she's a stroke patient for about 8 years now and been staying with us here in Seri Iskandar). It's a 'critical' moment of hesitation for me, y'know! 😭💔 For the sake of 'menjaga hati', I promised her, "Hari Jumaat nanti Qilah balik insyaAllah". Hoping to stay just a little bit longer, spend time together with my Opah, Tok, uncles, aunties and cousins.

Family over everything.

I have to say that as I grow older and wiser, I realize that family always always comes first no matter what. It's exactly the same feeling I had during Hari Raya last year (read here). What matters most is bonding time. And oh! I admit, I easily get emotional whenever I miss my family. 😢

I appreciate more, I treasure each and every moment together, I cherish the memories even better, I love harder, I learned to give and take as well as forgive and forget, I do whatever I can do best to make them proud of me.

Mama pernah pesan;
"Kot mana pun, family tetap family. Ikatan yang takkan pernah putus sampai bila-bila".

That simply describes how important family is in life. 👪

A family oriented girl,
Fairuz Aqilah.


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Ku akui;
Perjalanan ini panjang.
Ku akui;
Rasa ini adakalanya pincang.
Ku akui;
Hati ini acapkali bimbang.

Bukan mudah.
Sungguh, amat payah.

Melalui suatu perjalanan panjang penuh onak ranjau berliku.
Diri ini adakalanya berbaur rasa pincang dengan keimanan bergejolak hebat.
Acapkali bimbangnya hati ini dikhuatiri semakin rapuh lagi dan lagi.

Makin laju kaki melangkah, makin jelas haluan terbentang.
Makin tebal rasa insaf, makin manis nikmat iman.
Makin utuh pasak hati, makin teguh keyakinan diri.

Moga aku istiqamah, jangan goyah.

Fairuz Aqilah.