28 October 2016


Assalamualaikum. Hello :)

I'm too tired to be hurt again and again. Who do you think you are?

Double blueticks
Leaving without explanation
Hang up without saying goodbye
Unrequited love

And all I can say is that those these hurt me soooooo bad, I can't take 'em anymore! Force a fake smile, laugh out loud just to stop the tears from falling. Oh Allah, keep on strengthen me! :')

It hurts.
Yes, it does.

Don't hurt me anymore.
Fairuz Aqilah.

19 October 2016


Assalamualaikum. Hello :)

There was a time my aunt asked me, "Hang tak rasa apa-apa ka?" that I pretended to not know what she meant by her question, "Rasa apa?" and she replied in hesitation, "...Sedih bila dapat tau pasal dia tu?"

Honestly, I couldn't find strength to simply answer that 'simple' question with a Yes or a No because deep inside, it's damn complicated to describe in words that I ended up crying, hoping the tears could possibly help me to explain how painful I actually felt...

...and I was like, "What a shame! I can't even control my tears and now I'm crying in front of you!" when she told me that "It's okay to cry your heart out sometimes" as a sign she totally understands and that's why she asked.

I'm fine, and now you know I lied.
Fairuz Aqilah.