Friday, December 21, 2012

Assalamualaikum.. Hello :)

I'm going to give freebies free fonts download links and some tips on signature.
It's upon request. So, here you go adik Areanna. An entry specially created for you :)

Signature macam saya punya ni simple saja. 'Cuz I memang suka simple simple ni. HAHA ♥
FYI, this is in a form of image tau!

First and foremost, you really need to download free fonts for Windows so that senang kerja nanti bila dah ada fonts yang cantik cantik :)

Most recommended :-

Next, google up for cute icons and kawaii emoticons. The easiest way for you, glitter-graphics je lah kannn.. Tak pun photobucket. :)
It would be better if your icons tu transparent. Senang nak adjust masa hasilkan signature.

Okey, buat signature guna apa? I just use Photoscape and Gimp as a medium for photo editing. Tak pandai nak Photoshop semua, sorry.
Saya edit blog selama ni pun, guna those software. Buat freebies freebies semua tu pun guna the same software juga. Okey je, tak lah teruk sangat pun kan? :D

In terms of size, mine is 100x30. Yours is depending on your own lah. It doesn't matter. Hehe..

And, oh! Since signature macam saya punya ni in a form of image, untuk letakkan dalam entry sangatlah senang. Macam kita letak gambar dalam entry kita. The same way juga.
Plus, you can put it either on the left side, or even right side. Terpulang :)

I think that's all.
Hopefully this will help you, dear.
Sorry sangat sebab post this entry a little bit tardy! ♥

Please leave a comment so that I know your feedback, buddies! :)


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  1. Thanks kak . susah2 jerr buat utk saya . Thankss sgtsgt ^-^

    1. Hehe.. Sama-sama.. Tak ada lah susah pun, cuma lambat sikit dapat buat entry ni sebab sibuk belajar. pape pun, dah ada pun ni. harap membantu awak lah ye syg.. thanks for requesting! :)

  2. thanks for info... saya nk try juga.

    1. You're most welcome. My pleasure :)
      Cuba lah, kalau ada pape boleh tanya kat chatbox. InsyaAllah, ada kelapangan, saya reply. :)


No harsh words please. Jazakumullah khairan katsiran! ♥