21 October 2015


Assalamualaikum. Hello :)

I always adore and of course, appreciate whenever people help me in studies, especially when it comes to numbers and calculations. The way they show their concerns, patience and efforts in making me understand clearly what I supposed to catch up, I truly respect.

Honestly, I am super duper 'clumsy' with numbers and calculations. To be true, having an all time love-hate-relationship with those things are truly annoying. I am able to understand but I know my limit as well. I need ample time and slow steady explaination so that I can understand each and every single thing in details crystal clear.

Most of the time, I ask a lot of easy peasy questions with blurry-minded and innocent-naive-face of mine. And the best part is the feedback I get between two probabilities, in a sense of either a good way or the other way round. Frankly speaking, it's very heartbreaking the way people ignore or even not fully deliver answers and explaination with honesty.

You can see it, you can feel it. The honesty. Well, it shows! Thank you for that and I apologize for burden you with my slow-mo understanding which is sooooooo distracting. Sorry!

To sum up, I create a not-so-metaphor-hiperbole-kinda-statement and do you ever feel the same way or it's just me?

Bila ilmu di dada tak dikongsi,
Keberkatannya mungkin kurang.
Bila ilmu di dada simpan syok sendiri,
Orang sekeliling pun kurang senang.
Apalah sangat kalau terlalu nak lokek ilmu, sombong tak mahu beri tunjuk ajar.
Bukankah ilmu itu jika diajarkan dan dikongsikan akan menambah dan menguatkan lagi ingatan?
Cukup tak faham dengan kebanyakan orang yang ada sifat sebegini.
Lokek ilmu.

#aqilahslaa #random #observation #environment #sharingiscaring #selfreminder #notetoself

Yang berkecil hati,
Fairuz Aqilah.