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First thing first, let's get into the rules:-
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So, I've been tagged by a cute lil pie named Leo about this "25 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY" thingy. Since it's Sunday (eh, dah masuk Monday lah), okay lah why not kan post something simple sebelum tidur. Then, let's just do it! Haha :D

25 things that make Fairuz Aqilah happy!

  1. Runningman; the best 'therapy' ever!
  2. Ceramah Ustaz Kazim; tak kira Kalau Dah Jodoh ke apa ke.
  3. Mama buat lawak yang tak lawak. Kesian my mom, but part tak lawak tu lah yang boleh jadi sama-sama gelak sampai keluar air mata :'D
  4. Tidur; especially without having the alarm clock set.
  5. Leisure time; lay in bed with face mask put on while listening to nice songs and reading a good book.
  6. Scroll on tonnes of random things on the phone all day long; especially Instagram 'cause I'm an Instagram addict. Sorry but not sorry, I can't help it!
  7. Surprises; in a good way. Pranks are absolutely not considered as surprises that able to make me happy.
  8. Trying out new shades of lipsticks.
  9. The smell of fruity-scented fragrance or perfumes.
  10. Shopping bila tengah loaded, window shopping bila I'm deadly broke. Both are happiness to me. Tengok orang beli pun dah cukup buat I happy dah, seriously.
  11. Kaison, Daiso, Mr. DIY can effortlessly make me happy even if I'm not buying anything. Boleh sesat dalam dunia sendiri beberapa jam bila masuk dalam tu. Relax je keluar dengan tangan kosong. Puas hati. HAHA
  12. Memborong chocolates and ice-creams from 7E or any kedai runcit.
  13. Makan best instead of tempat makan best; tempat makan best sahaja tak memadai kalau makan tak best pun I tak cukup happy. 'Makan best' are very random as well, but I prefer fast food and western food as 'makan best'. I do eat a lot but my weight never tolerate with me. *emoji senyum sinis*
  14. Hang out with besties or cousies or so-called my 'happy pills' and having super looonngggg silly random heart to heart conversations. Calls, messages and whatsapps also included in this case :)
  15. The words thank you, I love you, I miss you can simply make me smile on purpose; no matter from whom it may be.
  16. Encouragement words; regarding my studies to be specific.
  17. Serlahkan my creativity through DIY-ing and handicrafts.
  18. Express my feelings by writing not-so-metaphor-bombastic-linguistic kind of poems. Diiringi gambar yang kadang-kadang tak ada kena mengena dan dengan hashtags deep, words from heart, aqilahslaa in case if posted or shared on Instagram.
  19. Being able to cook and serve simply delicious food for loved ones.
  20. Giving; when I can give or do something for other people in need tak kira dalam bentuk apa pun.
  21. Selfies! Obviously will make me smile even if it's a fake smile pun.
  22. Cactus! I loveee to speak with my cute cactuses and ask them to grow up well and live happily. Please don't think I'm a psycho! :D
  23. Purple! When it comes to purple, the possibility of me becoming even happier than ever can rise at no time 'cause I am obsess with purple colour. #apaakucubacakapni
  24. Superman!
  25. Kim Soo Hyun!

Banyak yang 'tak boleh bla'. Tapi tu lah hakikatnya. Fairuz Aqilah is a bubbly, 'happy go perempuan', easy going type of girl which simply means mudah terhibur dan sangat suka ketawa. I just be me at all time without fail. Things can never go wrong when you live your life to the fullest. So, be happy! :)

Here, I tag 5 darlings that I love dearly in real life and even in virtual world. I wish this thing will spread more happiness for all.

Err, it's six actually so I think I better go to sleep now.
Psstt! Sorry for bothering you guys with the tag, okay! It's an optional by the way. Hehe..

Last but not least, I would love to share an all time favourite quote of mine, "You can't buy happiness but you can buy ice-cream and that's kinda same thing". How sweet! ;)

Good night!
Fairuz Aqilah.


  1. Haa yang running man semestinya. Haha

  2. @hanimsfrh kankankan! Rasa macam orang gila atau takde perasaan je yg tengok runningman tak gelak tau! Heee

  3. berdekah2 ketawa tengok running man

  4. @Nabila Syifa haa tu lah dia. Kalau stress pun boleh lupa sekejap pasal stress tu. Hehe :)

  5. Waaa nice nice! Share some of your DIY sometimes teringin nak tengok hihi

  6. aku boleh bygkan how you talk to cactus.bhahaha

  7. @LEO hehehehe insyaAllah, I will! Nanti erh :)

    @miradyana amboiii pandaiii je erkkk! :p

  8. Fairuz! Ekeke kena tag hahaha. Thank you for loving me :p Nyehhh. Hehe nanti kalau mampu lah fikir 25 things tuuuu Nad post okies.

  9. @Nadratul Syazwana hehehehe... Of course I love you! Yup, no prob. Hehe :)

  10. running man best tapi entah sekarang macam dah tak seronok macam dulu.
    and never expect of you as someone who likes I mean obsessed with purple.

  11. @nurul rasya sebab blog ni kelabu asap bersih semacam tak purple macam orang obses purple ke? HAHAHA.. Well, it used to be up to 'that purple-ish' back then but it gets boring somehow. But, yeah! Bilik purple, phone pun gigih beli purple, water tumblr purple, and I do hv lotsa purple stuffs tau! Hihik! ;D


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