27 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Suatu ketika dulu...
Kita pernah bercinta.
Bercinta, menyulam satu rasa yang sama.
Namun ternyata...
Antara kau dan Sang Pencipta, lebih agung cintanya.
Kerana Dia terlebih dulu mengambil kau untuk berada di sisiNya.
Bukan seketika cuma, tapi selamanya di sana.
Kesalnya aku tiada bersama.
Mungkin saja memang tiada jodoh kita.
Andai maafku sudah terlewat, harap kau telah memaafkan semua.
Tinggallah aku mengenang memori-memori indah luka.
Yasiin ku bacakan, doa ku kirimkan, berteman linangan air mata.
Maka benarlah...
Sungguh, seperti selalu aku katakan tentang kita.
Sebuah kisah yang telah terkubur.
Sepertimana kini sedang aku merenung pusara, di mana kau lah pemiliknya.

Sekadar coretan beremosi, bukan realiti.
Fairuz Aqilah.

25 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Dah lama sangat tak join any segment, giveaway or contest. This time around, I wanna join this particular segment organized by MellyaCrayola (sedap benor namanya ehhh). Hehe.. 😙

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Fairuz Aqilah.

23 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

It's been a while since my last post. One of my 2017 resolutions is to update the blog more frequently and consistently. Em, I'm trying my very best to come out with more relevant posts in 2017. Yes, basically that's the most solid reason I can give for my long hiatus and I'm sorry for that. 😔
... Can we start now?

I've been searching for my personal daily skincare products that suit my skin best. And y'know what? I guess I've found what's best for my skin, so I'm very happy to share about it here. For your information, my skin type is more to oily and I also have acne problem. I'm not saying it's the severe kind of acne problem, but I can never get rid of the pimples from my face. Like, NEVER. Y'know, when the skin is oily so the tendency of getting pimples will be much greater. And and anddd my skin is super duper sensitive too! I'd once suffered from a terrible skin issue because of using local product containing high level of chemicals which you can read about it here.

As for now, I would love to share my current skincare products that show positive improvement towards my skin. Let's check it out!


I bought it from Hermo.my last Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, this is the newest version. To be honest, it's a bit pricey but it's a 150ml bottle full of goodness okay! As long as it is good for me, I don't mind spending my money on it. In my opinion, The First Treatment Essence simply means it acts as a 'booster' for the next skincare step we're using because that's how this FTE works on me. In addition, the description on the box also stated that "Highly concentrated essential essence for the first step of skincare".

What's more, this so called the 'Korean SK-II' contains Himalaya Purple Barley and Fermented Gemmule Yeast Extract 90% to recover skin balance and raise skin moisture from deep inside of skin. Besides the fact of giving optimum moisturizing for the skin, the FTE also helps in terms of whitening, firming, density improvement, smoothing, removing dead skin cells, improving skin tone as well as wrinkles repairing.

I've been using this FTE for almost a month now. The smell of this FTE is exactly like fermented barley water. Hence, personally I would say it does has an unpleasant smell indeed. I just apply a few drops on a cotton puff and pat on my face and neck after cleansing, two or three times daily. All I can say is that I super love💕 this FTE because it helps to reduce pores and keeps my skin moist all day long, just like the product name itself 'INTENSIVE MOIST'. It resulted my makeup to have a 'glowing' effect too. Hehe.. 😁✨


Nowadays, there's a lot of aloe gel sold in the market with many brands as well as different percentage of aloe. I bought mine at The Face Shop and it contains 99% Jeju aloe, which is the highest percentage I've seen so far.

Since I don't have any proper skincare line up, so I'm using this aloe gel as moisturizer. After MISSHA FTE, I'll apply this as moisturizer, before I proceed with my light makeup. At night, I just use this gel before sleep, right after cleansing. It absorbs into the skin easily as it is in a form of gel. It leaves my skin feeling deliciously supple when I wake up the next morning.

A special tips here for my readers! Put some of the gel into a smaller container by using a plastic spoon for everyday use and top up once it finished. It's much much better in terms of hygiene. The 300ml fresh soothing gel is absolutely worth it as large quantities make it lasts longer! 😀👏


Actually, I accidentally bought this one since I always use OXY 10 instead. I've been using OXY 10 since I was in secondary school (now you know I have had acne problem for quite a long time). But still, the function is just the same which is specifically for acne pimple treatment.

The best thing about this OXY Cover is that its colour is nude, a perfect Asian skin tone cream that blends very well on skin by means it can be used when we go out as well. That's why it is called 'COVER'. It simply looks like foundation. But, I never try to do that yet. I mean, apply OXY plus with makeup and then go out. And I never thought of doing so either, no no no. Don't try this at home, okay! Just don't. 😅

Usually, I will be using OXY at night. After cleansing and moisturizing, I'll just put a lil bit of OXY on the pimples only (not the whole face). At first, it feels some sort of itchiness a bit, but I try hard not to touch my face. Well, I'm pretty sure I did without realizing it when I was sleeping. I think it's because of the Benzoyl Peroxide contained in OXY to fight pimples! 💪

Luckily, OXY Cover contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide same as OXY 10. My advice is, if you have acne problem and you're wishing to try OXY, please please please go get yourself an OXY 5 first. 'Cuz it represents the percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide contained in OXY. My super sensitive skin can handle or bear 10% Benzoyl Peroxide since my pimples will definitely shrink the next morning and disappear in two to three days, leaving black spots only. Unfortunately, the area of my skin applied with OXY will get dryyy. That's why I don't use OXY everyday but only when acquired (having pimples especially the big big one).

One more thing, it has been stated on the packaging, "THE PRODUCT MAY BLEACH HAIR OR DYED FABRICS". Therefore, go straight away to wash your hands toroughly with soap or handwash. Never ever touch your clothes or towel right after applying OXY. Please! Because I've been experiencing this before and my Mom scolded me for ruining the towel. Alahaiiii... 😭

Currently, I just use these three products and a gentle reminder from me; please use appropriate product that suits your skin best because people have different skin types and conditions. You know your skin best and probably know what is best for your skin as well. Alright, I guess that's all for now. I'll update about other beauty sharing based on what I'm using sooner or later. Perhaps some tips and tricks too! InsyaAllah, insyaAllah. Till next time, babes! 😘💕

Fairuz Aqilah.

11 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Fairuz Aqilah.

4 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

As far as I can remember, I never talked about fashion because it's definitely not my forte. There were tonnes of posts shared here on my blog, but none of them related to fashion. But, today I'll try my best to share with you guys just a little bit of my sense of fashion. Oh, it sounds weird! 😂 Never mind, let's get started!

When it comes to fashion, some people may be clueless. What's your personal style? Some say your sense of style is defined by your interests, lifestyle and clothing. There are plenty of choices out there that we could find when it comes to dresses, alone. The stores are filled with continuously coming newly launched items on the shelves from different fashion brands for women either from the most prestigious world class brands or even the fresh local brands. What else can be more terrifying than dipping your toes in the fashion stream? Nothing. Not even the adventurous boat riding in the Amazon River can be compared to the hectic fashion scenes!

The ladies might understand this fact more than most of the gentlemen because we have been exposed to the fashion stuffs since long ago. Modern women, especially, have to know the latest trends that are conquering the fashion runways around the world or simply understand which dress can go along with which shoes — question that we always ask ourselves before we step out of the house.


However, most of the time, we know which brand that we could always turn to for the comfy blouse or t-shirt or the right skirts or jeans and it is definitely Mango! Mango Malaysia is like no other brands by which it is the only brand that has always been at the top of my favourite brands list. Mango offers amazing line of products from clothing to shoes as well as accessories.

Let's take a look at some of my favourite ensembles from Mango that deserve the #OOTD!



I love the idea of 'Mix and Match' outfits. Missing your girlfriends and wishing to go for a girls' day out this weekend? Mix and match the Mango Chest-Pocket Printed T-Shirt or even a plain white blouse with a pair of Mango Soft Denim Trousers. Pair them with a nice pair of heels or even sneakers and you're good to go!

Or perhaps you're planning to go for a walk by the seaside and take hundreds of wefies together? Put on the Mango Striped Cotton Cape with a pair of your favourite jeans. Pair them with a pair of Bohemian styled sandals and fringed sling bag. Don't forget your sunglasses! There you go, a comfy yet stylish look. Perfect.

In my opinion, cotton shawls will be such a great choice for both of these #OOTD ideas. Plus, you can always add on accessories like bangles or bracelets too.


The fashionable top with black and white stripes goes perfectly with a plain red skirt. Pair them with a pair of nice heels for a polished look which is perfect even for work! Stunning.

Want to look modest and at the same time very comfortable for long working hours, lotsa appointments with clients? Match the Mango Ruffled Dress with Mango Palazzo Trousers and finish up this look with nude coloured chiffon shawl. A black pointed toe heels will complete this gorgeous look that would definitely turn heads on you!

As you can see, I would prefer modest, simple and comfy look. And I truly loveee stripey tops! Would you wear one of these ideas for your #OOTD? I would say yes, of course. Plus, I think I should get myself more of stylish Mango brand clothing for my personal wardrobe. Don't you think so? 😉 Zalora is the right place to shop online as it's the most well-known online shopping platform and also the fastest growing online retailer in Southeast Asia! By the way, you can simply click on the link above-mentioned which will lead you to go on a shopping spree! Hence, what are you waiting for? Let's shoppinggg!!! 💃

Fairuz Aqilah 💋

2 January 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Tahun ini;
Aku tak mahu lagi jadi rapuh.
Aku mahu jadi teguh.
Jiwa dan raga,
Emosi dan peribadi,
Iman dan amal.
InsyaAllah! 💪 #aqilahslaa

I hope that Allah will always lend me His strength, surrounds me with more positive people and good vibes. May Allah shower this new chapter with lots of rezeki, barakah and hikmah along the way. May Allah ease everything on me and all of you. InsyaAllah, ameen ameen ya Rabb! 😊💖

P/s:- Something new from Qayla Creative is coming your way soon. So, stay tuned guys! 💋

That's all for now.
Fairuz Aqilah.