Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

I'm in a dilemma whether to post about this or not. But, it's okay. I'll proceed since it's a #notetoself or as a self reminder as well. I really hope you don't get too offended, y'know what I'm saying? This entry is written based on my personal point of view. There's likely to be one or more of these related to anyone including me myself. So, yeah! 😉

"One click, millions consequences".


Posting a status online may be a good thing and it can be a form of dakwah too if you're doing it right. On the other hand, updating a status about very personal matters for example like 'hal dalam kelambu', problems among family members and close friends is a BIG NO-NO! No, don't do that! It won't make things better, seriously. Try to discuss and solve the problem among you guys first, face each other. No need to post it out on social media and start arguing in public. Things that could be discussed properly and get the solution will ultimately be more complicated just because of the status updates. For 'hal-hal dalam kelambu', just keep it to yourself because it's a part of your married life journey and memories. Please please pleaseeee, find the most appropriate way and don't use social media as a platform to share unnecessary things.


"Come, let's take a picture of us!"
"Here, here! There, there!"

Yes, taking tonnes of photographs and selfies are definitely a 'compulsory activity'. And yes, I admit, I used to be an insta-addict too! BUT, don't you think that there should be a limit to post our photos on social media and share it with the whole wide world? Plus, brag about your ibadah too? Then, where's the sincerity? But it depends on 'niat' too, like for the purpose of dakwah perhaps. It doesn't mean you have to show EVERYTHING; be it happy or sad or lovey-dovey or sick or what-so-ever 💁... Have you ever thought about the consequences that may occur? We never know the intention of the audience, especially those 'green-eyed monsters' who felt a twinge of envy for the happiness of other people. Haihhh... I cannot brain this.


Stating a location when posting a photo online is important for some people. Same goes to the habit of updating and sharing the location like using the 'Check In' feature. The dark side of taking this thing for granted may lead to something like kidnapping and other criminal acts. Nauzubillahi min zalik, may Allah protect all of us from any danger. InsyaAllah, ameen... I always have a habit which I'll post a photo at the specific location first, with the location tag being updated when I'm not even there anymore or right after I went back home. I didn't say it's totally wrong! It happens to me too sometimes, the eager to post and put the location to let people know, "Hey, I'm here!" kann... 😅 Just, be careful!


Sharing is caring. But, don't share things that are not necessarily valid. Who knows your actions affect other people and their emotions? If you find status updates, photos, rumours, etc. that are not necessarily true, don't simply click the 'Share' button. Fine, you can look at it or read about it and you can also IGNORE it. 🍃 Share something beneficial for others instead.


It's not cool to be one of 'em, or even act like one. Nay, I don't think so. If you're that 'brave' and 'loud', express it in a good way. Show yourself, speak politely, be kind and gentle. To be honest, you're just wasting your time 'poking' someone else's life with harsh words using a fake account. 😏 That's the funniest part!

I believe, what you post on social media without any limit could ruin your life. It's your social media account and you should know the best possible way to manage it. What you post is your responsibility.

Peace! ✌
Fairuz Aqilah.


  1. Nice one.

    Berhati-hatilah menekan keyboard. Post gambar kucing je, confirm selamat, hahaha.

    1. Thanks. Hehe.. Kite takde kucing macam mai, kalau post pun pinjam kucing orang lain. 😹

  2. Replies
    1. I'll take that as a motivation for me. Thank you! 😘

  3. Wow! A really well-written post I would say!
    I do agree with all of your arguments above. There's a limit to everything. Posting everything online is not a good idea to begin with. Some things are better not to be updated online. We never know who our audience is. And if you have a fight with your friends, deal with them. That shows how matured you're to deal with problems. Posting things online won't help to solve the problem, it will make it worst! Dear keyboard warriors, stop pretending that you're like holier-than-thou. We're all humans, we make mistakes and we learn from it. Don't simply judge and bash others (sometimes I do think that I'm being one) hahaha. Okay sorry for restating your points back HAHAHAHA.

    1. Bhahahahaha... Thank you, syed! It's okay, kita kan memang suka sambung entry memasing. It's okay. 😂😂😂


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