20 August 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Wow! Hey, I'm actually quite impressed with the title of this blogpost. But, sorry not sorry if the content may not be 'wow' enough, ya! Haha.. Finally, here I am after so long, promised to share my current working experience. Hopefully, this is not gonna be so cliche and boring. Tell me in the comment section if it is! 👎

Working in the Real Estate Industry
This is actually a picture of a Boomerang I shared on instastory on my first day of working

Alright then, it has been two months plus since I started working on June 5, 2017 as an Admin Assistant in Property Management line with one of the real estate private companies in Ipoh. Alhamdulillah, glad that I've been given the opportunity to work in the industry that I learned in university which is real estate or property industry. And alhamdulillah, being offered to join Property Management Department since I'm not so into Valuation and numbers and calculations kinda things. Meh. 😐 Yes, I mean it. (If you got what I mean)

I'm done with the deadly boring phase (omg seriously) for about one month in HQ office, Canning Garden Ipoh because finally, I've been stationed at my real workplace in Sunway City Ipoh, Tambun. A newly-build landed stratified gated guarded community under Sunway Properties, Serene Villas. Have you seen the Hakmilik Strata advertisement on tv? Yup, I'm working in that particular industry to be specific. Hehe..

Working in the Real Estate Industry
So-called 'my' office

So, how's work? I would say alhamdulillah, so far sooooo great! I love the place, the environment, the people. And the scenery; MUCH love for it! The Management Office is spacious and so convenient. Glad to have my partner, Calvin whose very nice, humble, tolerant in many aspects and also likes to share his experiences with me. What's more, being surrounded by kind people from developer's team (Sunway), pakcik guards and cleaners. Alhamdulillah! As I mentioned before, the scenery. Just sharing you a picture of it is surely not enough to describe the 'beauty'.

Working in the Real Estate Industry
If only you can see it for real

I've learned A LOT so far especially regarding the application of Strata Titles Act and Strata Management Act in real situations as this is a landed stratified gated guarded community, not high rise such as condominiums and apartments. It can be considered as the biggest challenge too. Besides, another thing that usually becomes 'hot issue' is some owners keep on arguing and complaining for not being able to do renovations and extensions that will change the facade of the buildings. It's in the act already, but yeah, this is not the normal houses that you can do as you please until a certain period of time. And that 'some owners' found it's very hard to accept the fact. A good lesson for me as newbie to handle the anger and dissatisfaction of other people as well. Tryna put myself in their shoes too, "Yes, yes, I understand...". To be honest, it's not that easy. Another thing is that I can 'polish' my English proficiency, both in speaking and formal writing (e-mails). Yezzaa... Extra points for that!

What else erh, talking about stress level perhaps? Alhamdulillah, I still can control my emotions and dealing with my stress quite well. There's not so much things to get stressed out, just a couple of fussy owners to handle. I guess they're just too free to come to our Management Office very often and complained about this and that, asked for P&C information, being extremely particular on tinny tiny things, etc. Annoying, yes, up to that extent. I'm getting annoyed somehow. But still, I love my job. So, hey, it's okay. Smile, always be positive. Bring it on! 💪

A shameless selfie won't hurt I think 😜

Am I really excited to talk about my working experience? I guess, yes! See, how much I write to share everything here. Means I'm doing okay lah, huh... 😉 Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...

Last but not least, just a gentle reminder for you and for myself too based on what I always practice.

Each and everytime we go out from home to go to work, set deep in our heart and mind, "lillahita'ala" is the niat, sincerely. Love your job whole-heartedly. InsyaAllah, Allah will ease everything. It may not be easy and steady along the way, of course there'll be some difficulties and challenges, but the sweetness of barakah and hikmah of the whole journey are more important. Take it as a good life lesson and experience ♥

Fairuz Aqilah.