31 December 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊

Before 2017 ends... I would love to share with you one of the greatest 'achievements' in my life which I honestly proud of and of course, leads to a profound impact towards 'shaping' myself. I consider this as a part of my 'life phase' that I'll treasure the most (not saying for the rest of my life, but a part of it).

Lessons learnt.

I begin with being able to stand (read: live) on my own two feet, out of my comfort zone. Away from home, away from my parents and family. Rented a shared room with Zainab (whom I only known her while undergo classroom training) in an apartment with another four housemates including the daughter of the 'Landlord'. I swear it's the BIGGEST thing I did in my life so far and thank God alhamdulillah, I survived! 😌💪

I learned that everything happens for a reason. Each and everyone I met also definitely for some good reasons. They exist and interfere (literally) in my life as a 'medium' from Allah The Almighty in order to teach me a lot of things.

I let myself seeing and thinking in a bigger perspective. This is basically to reflect back to what I have said before. I believe that everything happens for a reason and there's always hikmah Allah sent me people or outsiders in my life, that's for sure. And surely a good one. Handling each one of 'em isn't that easy, I tell you. Always treat people in a way that I want to be treated. Orang buat tak baik, jangan buat dia balik because that only makes us just the SAME. Jadikan diri supaya sentiasa sabar, stand tall ('cuz I said living on my own two feet kan 😁) and pretty inside out.

I challenged myself to take risks and doing things I've never done before. One of these that I'm so proud of myself is the fact that I can make use of public transports all by myself! You name it; LRT, MRT, ETS, Rapid KL buses, Grab, cab. Oh Gosh, now I can pat myself on my back. Seriously. Yes, you can be very sceptical having that typical answers like "Ala, tah pape. Itu aku pun tau." yadayada. BUT, as for me, dapat buat semua tu sendiri adalah satu kejayaan buat Fairuz Aqilah sebab sejujurnya memang tak reti buat sendiri-sendiri pun semuanya sebelum ni. So, you got what I'm saying? 😉

I can manage my feelings and emotions much much better. I mean yeah, to deal with my anger, ego, rationalism, patience, tolerance, sensitivity, (...the list goes on like "...so on and so forth") which leads to decide on the best possible action should be taken and how should I react to the situation. I already did my best on that. Just read back the third paragraph.

In terms of working, going to work every single day carrying the niat 'lillahita'ala' without fail. Hopefully, saham akhirat pun dapat kerana menjadikan pekerjaan yang dilakukan saban hari tu sebagai ibadah insyaAllah. I pushed myself to complete all the tasks and getting the daily works done at its best, be nice to everyone, behave. On the other side, I'm trying very hard to tell myself, tanamkan dalam jiwa supaya redha apa adanya dengan segala ketentuan serta aturan yang Allah dah sediakan. Itu juga pesan Mama. Be it any field of work or where is it or when it will start or with what company or which sector or ANYTHING... May all of it be good for me, may Allah ease everything on me, rezekinya halal dan barakah. It's more than enough. Ameen, ameen.

Jangan cepat melatah. Not everyone like us just the way we are. There must be a few 'hamba Allah' that just dislike you for no reason. Mesti akan ada. My tips is simple; continue to be kind to each and everyone, stay positive and exhale all the negative vibes. We'll be alright. All those 'bad' people with their negative aura will slowly fade away. Trust me. 💪

My one and only birthday wish (sort of a resolution to myself) this year, '24 years old; A year older and wiser' perfectly accomplished I can say! Alhamdulillah, ya Allah. I can't thank You enough! :')

I'm in between of feeling excited and anxious for what's going to happen next. May Allah always be with me and guided me to the right path and ease the journey I'll be going through. InsyaAllah, ameen ameen ameen...

Last but not least, please don't forget to include me in your prayers (good good one) and I wish that Allah will shower all of you guys with His endless blessings, happiness and all the good things in your life fi dunya wal akhirah. Always! May 2018 be brighter and better to all of us. Ameen. ❤

The 'Big Girl in The City',
Fairuz Aqilah.


  1. I had the same feeling when I first started to live independently too. It was an overwhelming experience but now I miss home so much hehe.
    May 2018 be better and brighter year for you :)

  2. Nahhh i still cant survive to take LRT MRT KTM till now hahaha. So it is really an achievement Fairuz! <3 Uber and Grab is okay.

  3. It's really interesting sharing and I inspired with it. I believe it will inspire other people too... I hope u keep learn something new through your life.


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