16 December 2018


Assalamualaikum. Hello 😊


Here I am today, after so long leaving my blog behind, updating something related to work (like endlessly)... Oh, just deal with it! 💆💪

Since graduated, I had sent tonnes of resume and cover letters to countless organizations, be it from the Government sectors or private sectors not even by hand and by post or courier but also by emails. Now that I've made myself 'dive' into the hectic working life has also taught me so much about writing emails, formally. It took me quite some time to learn to write formal emails as polite as possible.


Pick a very good subject. Subject is very important since it is the firsttt thing the recipient will see. It does not necessarily needs to be 'catchy', but a straight forward subject would be best in writing formal emails. I usually left the subject to be filled lasttt. But, always bear in mind; just a straight forward one would do.

2) CC / BCC

CC important recipients so that they are alert about the matter. Select only the people whose attach to the matter, not simply CC the Top Management and all the big big bosses if it is not that necessary to do so. You know what I mean. You can also BCC if possible, but I never tried using BCC before. Honestly, hehe...


Dear (Name) or simply put Sir/Madam. This is basically 'basic thing' in email writing and if you are totally unsure of the title, Sir/Madam would be justttt fine. Back to basic. (why so many 'basic' words lol 😂)

Make your email as polite as possible. Choose appropriate words and arrange all your sentences in an appropriate 'manner' as well. Avoid being too harsh especially when you need something urgently or even if the other party has caused you troubles. Just don't use harsh words, please. This is to ensure that people will not get offended or even feel irritated by your email. Your email recipients are also humans like you.

Keep it moderate to low in your 'language', but high in urgency.  If the main purpose of sending the email is to get an urgent feedback or response from the recipients, don't forget to put a deadline or stick to the most commonly used sentence, i.e. "...as soon as possible" or "...soonest possible".

Do not simply put smileys or emoticons as you wish. Know your recipient first. If it's just a not-so-formal emails and you know the recipient very well in reality, then it's totally fine. If not, just don't do that or people might mistaken you to be 'weird' somehow.

If the email content requires an attachment, it would be best to rename the file or folder to something related to the email. Not to say the complicated ones, but the easier one so that people will not oversight your attachment which might be very important as a support to your email. Just giving out an extra tips here; if you are going to send more than one supporting documents that are originally stored in a particular folder, please please pleaseee compress (zip) the folder instead of sending a lot of separate attachments. Be organize even when you're writing an email. People are usually very judgemental, remember? (especially when they don't know you in person) 😅


Last but not least, never ever forget to say thank you and put Regards, Best regards, Warmest regards,  Yours Sincerely, Sincerely, Yours Truly, etc. followed by your name (most important), designation and department/company/organization name (if any).

Review. Reread many many times before you click the "Send" button. Check if there is any spelling error, grammatical error (err hmm idk 😕) and whether the information provided are sufficient enough or not. Look back at the email address(es) either they are correctly entered or not, the subject or title of your email, CC and/or BCC sections.

Imagine like you are the one who will be receiving that particular email you wrote just now, what is your first impression? How are you going to respond and react towards the email sent? If you are satisfied enough, then only you may send the email without hesitation. Bismillah! Next? Keep calm and wait patiently for the reply. 😉

I'm still learning too. From the replies and other emails I got from my recipients, and from Google of course. Do you have anything to share your thoughts with me and other readers? Come, leave me some comments! I would love to know what say you?

Thank you for reading! ♥

Fairuz Aqilah.


  1. Lamanya dia menyepi. Semoga sihat dan dipermudahkan segala pekerjaan.

    1. Hi Kak Ana! Hehe memang lama juga ni, sendiri pun rasa. InsyaAllah, thank youuuu 💜

  2. Nice sharing. Sangat informative untuk beginner yang selalu berurusan menggunakan emel.. Good job fairuz.. Btw,happy new year 2019


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